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Spring Manufacturing Videos

Custom Spring Manufacturer

Overview of Ace Wire Spring & Form Company with introduction by The Froehlich Family

Design 2 Part Show Video - 1

Recorded in Oaks, PA

High Speed Machine - 1

Video demonstrates the different manufacturing speeds of our new spring manufacturing machine.

Wire Form Hook

Video of a wire hook being made.

Compression Springs

Compression springs are compressed by a load acting upon them or their ends are compressed, the design of the wire tries to return the spring back to the original shape thus pushing the load back.

Large Compression Springs

Watch how large compression springs are manufactured.

small compression springs

In contrast to the above, here is how small compression springs are made.

Extension Spring Manufacturing

An extension spring is a wire spring that reacts to forces pulling the ends apart and physically extending in shape, trying to offer resistance and return to its close coiled shape.

What are torsion springs?

Helical springs, used to apply torque or to store rotational energy are commonly referred to as torsion springs. Torque, by definition, is a force that produces rotation. Torsion springs are generally mounted around the shaft or arbor, and must be supported at three or more points. Special types of springs include a Double Torsion spring having a space between the coils to minimize friction.

Torsion Springs Being Manufactured

Watch how torsion spring are made at our manufacturing facility.

How Conical Compression Springs are Made

A video overview of manufacturing conical compression springs with narration.

Manufacturing of Antenna Springs

This video demosntartse how Ace Wire Spring manufactures antenna springs with narraion of the process..

Manufacturing Wire Forms

Ace Wire Form has an excellent wire form design team, as well as engineering assistance, on your most demanding assignment. Ace’s first-rate engineering team will be delighted to join forces with you, in designing the ideal wire form for you particular application. Our design teams have worked with numerous organizations in providing solutions to the most difficult customer wire form assignments.

Ace Wire Spring Advantage

Ace Wire Spring & Form is a Custom Spring Manufacturer that puts the customers' needs first. We set ourselves apart from other Spring companies by focusing on Quality, Quick Turnaround, On-Time Delivery, and Competitive Pricing. A manufacturer of Compression Springs, Extension Springs, Torsion Springs, and all types of custom springs, Ace Wire Spring works to find the best solution for the customer's needs.

Linda Froehlich - Value of SMI Membership

Linda Froehlich and Ace Wire Spring & Form supporting The Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI). The SMI serves, supports and educates North American precision spring manufacturers in their pursuit of competitiveness in global markets. Linda and two other SMI members provide testimonies regarding the benefits of being a part of the spring industry's only North American trade association.

Gallery of Springs

A quick glimpse at some types of custom springs Ace Wire Spring & Form makes.

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