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Hot Wound Springs

Hot WoundAce Wire Spring can help with your hot wound spring needs. Hot wound springs usually are made of a spring material with a diameter of 1/2 inch diameter and above. Hot wound is a process used in manufacturing the spring by heating the steel, winding, and tempering to the required properties. The main difference between hot wound springs and other types of springs is that the material (usually steel or high carbon steel) is heated prior to the spring being made.

Ace Wire Spring & Form Company utilizes state of the art equipment to ensure the proper temperature and modulus is achieved in our spring production process. We can help you out with hot wound and cold wound springs depending upon your requirements and applications. We also have the technical experience to offer recommendations for not only the right manufacturing process but selecting the right material, design and specifications.

Compression springs are the most common type of hot wound springs, and are used in multiple items in multiple industries.

Wire forms are designed with a wide variety of shapes to perform many functions.  There are no general design equations  for wire forms.
Wire forms are made from both high strength spring materials and annealed materials.  Sharp bends not only are difficult to form but cause stress concentrations and should be avoided whenever possible.

How to Specify
An engineering drawing is the best way to specify the wire form.  Discussing your project early in the design stage of wire forms will often result in considerable cost savings and can sometimes facilitate manufacture on automatic machinery, as well as reduce tool costs.


The "ACE" Advantage

ACE specializes in custom precision springs and wire forms and offers a distinct advantage by utilizing the most advanced spring design software. ACE validates each existing and/or new design. If exceptions are taken on the design, we will notify the customer with our recommendations.

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