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Welcome to our Design & Engineering Department

At Ace Wire Spring, every quotation request we receive is sent to our engineering and design staff to create the spring and tolerances to meet the critical need set by our customer. Many companies simply look to what stock item comes close to the specifications listed in the quote. Our design and Engineering department is for customers who need solutions not just springs. They understand that specific tolerances are critical to the performance of the spring and uncontrolled variances are not acceptable.

Design for manufacturability is key to a successful and sustained product. Ace's staff of design engineers is ready to assist your company at all stages of product manufacture including: initial part design, prototyping, production, and post-production. Many stock spring manufacturers may simply match up the specification to an existing spring in inventory. We believe in manufacturing the right solution to your needs with a high tolerance custom spring.

Ritchy Froehlich - General Manager - - 412-458-4824

Ace specializes in engineering and designing custom springs for demanding applications.


We offer just a few examples of how we solved critical applications for our clients. Ace was chosen in each case because of both the level of engineering and design experience and the quality and repeatability of their springs.


Spring Design Examples


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