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At Ace Wire Spring, every quotation request we receive is sent to our engineering and design staff to create the spring and tolerances to meet the critical need set by our customer. Many companies simply look to what stock item comes close to the specifications listed in the quote. Our design and Engineering department is for cuustomers who need solutions not just springs. They understand that specific tolerances are critical to the performance of the spring and uncontrolled variences are not accpetable.

Design for manufacturability is key to a successful and sustained product. Ace's staff of design engineers is ready to assist your company at all stages of product manufacture including: initial part design, prototyping, production, and post-production. Many stock spring manufacturers may simply match up the specification to an existing spring in inventory. We believe in manufacturing the right solution to your needs with a high tolerance custom spring.

A World First! CapSen teaches robot to disentangle

See the robot in action here:

Untangling one hook from a jumble @AceWireSpring begins with vision, specifically proprietary 3D vision algorithms. These combine classical geometric CAD-matching techniques with modern machine learning methods to achieve high detection accuracy across a wide range of object shapes, sizes, and materials.

Using innovative hardware, advanced algorithms, and engineering expertise, a robot now picks hooks out of the bins and places them into a press. A key factor in providing the robot with the necessary spatial intelligence to manage the process is CapSen Robotics Inc.’s complete solution, which includes 3D vision software, full motion planning, and control.

Automating this key part of the process has paid dividends. “It’s so nice to be able to do what we were trained to do on the floor, instead of putting hooks into the press half of the day,” said Mike Valoski, a line supervisor at Ace.

See the robot in action here:




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