Ace Wire Spring

Security Barrier & Firearm Springs

Barriers That Spring into Action! 

transportation speingsAce Wire Spring has worked closely with the federal government to help create security barriers above and below ground. An in ground barrier system is an active vehicle barrier that has met demanding test criteria established by the department of defense. Barriers that Ace Wire Spring had a hand in, have stopped vehicles weighing up to 10,000 pounds traveling at speeds up to 50 mph. Even after a hit so extreme, the barrier has proven to be reusable.

Safety and protection has always been Ace Wire Springs number one priority when developing springs for both in ground and mobile barriers. Mobile barriers create outstanding protection with minimal deflection, while also being easily transported around work zones.


Additional Security with Firearms

Ace Wire Spring and Form Company proudly offers additional security by serving the Firearms industry. High quality custom compression springs and torsion springs have allowed Ace to help its Firearms customers achieve the needed results they strive for. Today our springs feature better designs and improved materials to help with the ever-growing demand for Firearms products. Solutions in the past have involved Magazine spring solutions.


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